Saturday, September 22, 2007

If I Was A Robot...

I found this cool site called 'The Cyborg Name Decoder'. If you've wondered what you would be called if you were a robot, well, help is at hand. Just type your name, select your preferred avatar and in a few moments you'll get your robotic name!

Networked Electronic Scientific Sabotage Android

This is not a meme, maybe a yuyu (LOL)... I'd like to pass this on to that one and only half-brained nutcase Spaceman who's crazy about Planet Zork! Feel free to find out your robot alter-ego name...


  1. Yo, Networked Electronic Scientific Sabotage Android! What a cool yuyu whatever the heck that means ... LOL!)

    I got one that befits my cookie quirky character, I'm the Synthetic Positronic Individual Fabricated for Fighting

  2. Mechanical Artificial Replicant Yearning for Assassination and Nocturnal Nullification..

    that's mine, decided to use my longer name. This is cool!

  3. Spiff, suits you very well! I'll keep in mind not to mess with you! :)

  4. Ann, your's even more potent! An assassin lagi! Yeah, I had fun checking out the other bloggers robotic names:):)

  5. B.A.R.R.E.T.T.: Biomechanical Artificial Replicant Responsible for Exploration and Thorough Troubleshooting. Mine sounds kinda funky! Yours was definitly cooler! I have missed Nessa's Mumblings! Things have been crazy for me so I have not been by your site lately! I hope this finds you well! Take care friend!

  6. WOW I got a couple interesting ones:

    Mechanical Artificial Replicant Generated for Assassination, Rational Infiltration and Thorough Analysis

    Functional Intelligent Replicant Engineered for Xenocide, Immediate Calculation and Efficient Xecution

  7. Barrett, thanks for dropping by:)

    Your robot name sounds so pleasant and helpful... just like you!! Happy Sunday my friend:)

  8. Hello Firex4icex! Nice having you here:)

    Yours definitely mean and scary --- Assassination, Infiltration, Xenocide, Xecution... phew, like those in spy movies:)

  9. SHANA-Synthetic Hazardous Assasination and Nullification Android.HA!cool!heheh

  10. Yayy, Shana in the house! Great to see you here, I thot you kena kidnap by alien or something! LOL

    You also an assassin ya! Bikin takut oh you all:)


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