Friday, March 14, 2008

Slots To The Rescue

The week really flew by so fast. I mean, just yesterday it was Monday and today it's Friday already. Not that I'm complaining mind you. It has been such a slow week for me with my work flow trickling in bit by bit and even then it's not all that hard to do. After completing it, I get totally bored again.

But I've been keeping my boredom in check by reading all the latest juicy gossip and news out there about the recently concluded general elections and some of them are so rib tickling, especially what some of the losers have to say about why they lost. I was laughing away with some of the excuses about their own inefficiencies. Oh, well politicians will always be politicians and they'll never blame themselves I guess :D

The other thing besides reading these news reports that I've been doing to take away some of the boredom the past week is playing slots online. No, no I'm not actually using any money, I'm just trying the free versions. I wouldn't dare use real money for playing these online slots cos they're pretty addictive and you can lose a lot of money if you're not careful.

I'm more of the safe online game playing kind... hehehe. Most of the time, I'd even download the games instead of playing them online. But if you're into playing online slots for money, then I guess one good place to go would be, they've got just what you need. And remember, if you do win some money, remember who recommended you the website! LOL


  1. LOL Nessa, you're right, I was enjoying reading their comments also, it sure was made for some great hilarious moments reading what they have to write about their loss ... And it does help a lot with the boredom too ... hehehe ...

  2. Nick - I guess it'll take a while for me to get back to the flow of things. Election's over... life goes on :)

  3. I see ur widget and I see me at number 3 yay! Here's hoping I'll get that number 1 spot soon! :)

  4. Marzie - Everyone is clamouring to get that #1 spot! I have a long way to go in yours. I'm happy I'm in your top 10 though :)

  5. Hi Nessa :) My week was also very slow but this one is flying :) I am glad that tomorrow we have a public holiday and on Friday too :) I also asked for Thursday so I have a long weekend :)

    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Wendy! Enjoy the long holidays. We only have one tomorrow but it's not Good Friday. I wish I could go back home coz it's a holiday there this Friday :)

  7. Hi Nessa, I got ur comment on the Big Bang meme. All u have to do is update ur list (my list is the most recent)and repost the old Big Bang to a current date, like today! :)

    PS. Perhaps you can let Spiff know this as well, that naughty alien is confused too it seems he he!!

  8. I think ur commenter widget is ok Nessa. Let's see if my number changes after this comment. :)


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