Monday, February 23, 2009


It's such a pain having a sick PC. I'm sending it to the computer guy tomorrow so I hope he fixes it once and for all. I've backed up all my files, deleted all the photos (not that I have anything even scandalous in there) but you just can't trust people these days ya. Who knows, maybe I wanna be an MP one day and they find a picture of me digging my nose, habis la... hahaha!

I've badly wanted to post about OIAM3 first concert on Friday night but it was so annoying having to put up with a PC that shuts down every 5 minutes or so. Anyway, back to One In A Million Season 3. I don't know about you guys but I found this season's stage too 'grand' for the contestants. The music was too loud (I couldn't hear them sing at some points, maybe it was the sound system, I don't know) and those stage lights are really annoying. I miss last season's stage, it was simple but pleasing. Sometimes, less IS more.

Out of the 12 finalists, only 3 stood out (got my attention). They are Rehana or Han who sang Menjaga Hati by Yovie, Rizu for his broadway rendition of M. Nasir's Juwita Citra Terindah. He has a striking resemblance to Zoey, the host for Gerak Geri Gasing, an Astro program for kids. If he doesn't make it in OIAM3, he should seriously try hosting :)

Tomok surprised me the most. It was a credible performance from him, singing a number by Faizal Tahir (Coba). I could see tears in his eyes, he must have a lot of pressure considering the negative things people have been saying about him. If he keeps it up, he just might make it further.

Esther could have done better. I didn't like the way they arranged the song. 'Better In Time' by Leona Lewis happens to be one of my favorite songs. Her rendition was way too slow. And she really has to improve her pronunciation cos I barely understood what she sang. But overall, I like her :) Anyone saw that banner 'Bulih Bah Kalau Kau'? :D

They have this new thing called the Immunity award (by the judges) which I really think is pointless. This is a singing competition based on SMS votes. That was the way the show was based on from the very beginning. The judges shouldn't have any hand in the results and it's not fair to the other contestants. What if the same person gets an immunity every week right up to the finals, then what? They want to give immunity, then come up with a new reality show like Survivor!

Amylea was a disappointment to me. I was really looking forward to her performance. She sang Hujan's Aku Skandal. I think she chose the wrong song. Pija just didn't excite me. Aweera is stuck in the 80's, do we need another Amy Search?? Hmmm... is he going to sing Rock songs every week? As for the rest, well, they were mediocre. I can't even remember their performance, yeah, they didn't leave me a lasting impression. Hopefully next week will be better.

The full list of songs sang by the contestants :~

Anith - That's What You Get (Paramore)
Amylea - Aku Skandal (Hujan)
Simon - Home (Daughtry)
Ayu - Matahariku (Agnes Monica)
Fify - If I Were A Boy (Beyonce)
Aweera - Aku Dah Bosan (Amy Search)
Pija - Lagu Untukmu (Meet Uncle Hussein)
Nine - Cinta Ini Membunuhku (D'Masiv)
Han - Menjaga Hati (Yovie Nuno)
Tomok - Coba (Faizal Tahir)
Esther - Better In Time (Leona Lewis). Check out the video here.
Rizu - Juwita Citra Terindah (M. Nasir)

Who will be eliminated? I think it could be Simon because he's the oldest. I wish he would get rid of that goatee. Doesn't do anything for his appearance. Or it could be a girl. I have no idea... too many possible candidates! LOL!

Now, I wish both the hosts, Marion and Awal would stop making fun of the judges. Yeah, they're older but stop with the father, grandfather jokes already. Paul Moss sure wasn't amused with it. I didn't find it funny either, did you? These hosts should just keep things simple and stop trying to be funny. They are actually a very compatible pair of hosts and I hope they get their act together.

OK, that's my two cents worth of review... hehehe. If you don't agree, feel free to comment... :D


  1. Oooo, you're right, it was such a dreadful show to watch! They really have to step up their game or I'm just going to watch Raja Lawak....... hahahahaha ....

    And Tomok was the surprise package for me too, I thought he was going to be crap. I mean, singing a Faisal Tahir song is no joke but he pulled it off. Kudos to him:D

  2. oloh!! I have no time to watch OIAM lah..sia punya hubby ada tingu, tapi itu pun dia keboringan terus p tukar channel...hahaha!!

  3. sia tidur awal bah tu Friday night. Tired from my bus ride. But hubby forgot to slow down the Tv volume terus sia terbangun around the time si Esther nyanyi. I must admit, she managed to make me awake until after the show ended.

  4. Sempat jg sia curi2 tingu... hubby pulak keboringan sampai masuk bilik 'guring' gitar. Kekeke... Never good at commenting but ntah mana satu sumandak yg sia nda suka dgr dia nyanyi.. wooppss...

  5. nessa, if agree, x bole komen ye? hehe..

    sama dgn u, i suke performance han with menjaga hati! she's way to good from establish artist.

    easter also good. she has to work more on her english..

    then, the father, mother thing sound so silly to me.. seriously ntah pape, dah la asik nk mention that thing.

    about the imunity, at first, i think it is okay. but then, bila baca ur post ni, br terpikir.. takut jadi fair.. looking forward for nxt week show n ur post about it too! ;)

  6. I'm not really looking forward to this show too. The standards has taken a real nose dive la. I think Midsomer Murders much more interesting la ... LOL!

  7. To a certain extent, sometimes everyone do face this pc problem.
    I am glad you got time to follow the programme you like.
    Now, I got a TV at home, still I didn't watch any at all, all devoted for blogging and commenting:)
    You have such a great balance Nessa:)

  8. huhu...i think anith will be eliminated has a very powerful voice, esther very good on improvise the song..i mean mcm kasi ubah melody pg yg lagi siok..and the immunity things, fair jg sa rasa, coz maybe next show len org dpt can..hehe..we may never know..

  9. Mat Dingo ~ Eh, you might just like Raja Lawak you know... LOL!

    Tomok has been pretty consistent. I'd like to see a different side of him, not sing soppy ballad songs all the time.

  10. Kadus Mama ~ I don't think your hubby suka tingu dis type of show la :) Memang boring sbb kebanyakkan lagu yang dipilih pun boring... so makin la boring jadinya!

  11. Carol ~ Kesian gia naik bus... tapi ko punya kerita OK suda ba kan :) Jaga2 tu wheel nut jangan kana curi lagi ah.

    Urang Sabah perform misti mo tingu ba kan... I hope she does well. Jangan pilih lagu yang boring2 suda la.

  12. Just ~ Uii, kalau hubby pandai main gitar, hari2 sia suruh main gitar oh :) Kebanyakkan tu sumandak OIAM3 nda best... ada satu dua seja yang kira OK la suara diorang.

    Yang baru2 kluar tu memang layak kluar.

  13. Diya ~ Eh, semua jenis komen accepted. Except yang maki hamun, sumpah-menyumpah punya la :)

    2nd concert Han pilih lagu yang sangat la tak sesuai.. sikit lagi I nak tertidor masa dia perform.

    I hope Esther picks an upbeat number, asyik nyanyi lagu slow, boring jugak.

    The hosts nak buat joke tapi joke tak menjadi... instead of being funny jadi irritating pulak kan.

    Thanks for reading my post :) Keep the comments coming ya.

  14. Spiff ~ Quick, bring your ray gun and blast 'em one by one! LOL! Midsomer Murders... I laik :D

  15. Diya ~ I think if they bagi the best performer hadiah macam TV besar LCD 42 inci, Kemera DSLR yang canggih, etc.. lagi best kot! LOL!

  16. Yoon See ~ Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes I do get carried away with my blog and bloghopping and forget about my work and my kids! LOL! It's all about balance ya.

  17. Marmalade ~ Actually sia suka juga si Anith tu. Kiut and she reminds me of dat AF girl, ex Khai in AF2... lupa suda sepa nama dia tu.

    But so far she hasn't sang the right songs... she should pick current songs, bukan yang zaman dolu2 punya.

    Well, 2 different people dapat the immunity oredi. I still think it's not fair to an SMS based competition but suda kana buat macam tu, pa buli buat kan. Kita tingu seja la :D

  18. nessa, that will be a brilliant idea. macam mystart LG bg hadiah kan for weekly best performance kn?

  19. Diya ~ Oh, reali? I tak pernah tengok MyStar LG lagi... pernah dengar tapi tak pernah watch satu episode pun :)


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