Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm In The News!

Well, that was my 5 minutes of fictional fame :) But seriously, I'm so thrilled to receive my second award from the same nut case, Nick of Anything Goes! LOL!

In turn, I'm gonna be a nut case and award this to these 5 deserving Rockin' gals. I'm not gonna elaborate on their blogs, for you to see why they rock, go visit them :)
So, people, go out there and choose your 5 most deserving bloggers to present this Rockin' Girl Blogger or Awesome Guy Blogger award.


  1. Nessa, me a nut case? How'd you know? Who told you? LOL! Hey, where can I buy that Daily Mumbles newspaper la, so cool. Got interview some more :)

  2. OOh! My first award!
    Thanks Nessa!!
    What a nice suprise :)

  3. Nessa, so creative of you to put it across in the newspaper. *applause* how do u do that ... AWESOME !!

  4. Wow! I thought you were really in the newspaper. Congrats! :D

  5. hey neesa!my first ever award!thank you babe!

  6. Nessa!! I love the newspaper cutting! LOL :) :)

    Wow, a third award and from the great Nessa too, thank you very much Nessa!! I certainly wasn't expecting another one, you've put a smile on my face this Monday morning! HUGS!!! :) :)

  7. I thought you were really in the newspaper! LOL!


  8. Nick - You're the chief nut case!! You can find the paper only at Mumbleville:) It's somewhere over the rainbow... LOL!

    Lijunlaopo - You're one Rockin' girl blogger!!:)

    J@n!ce - Thank you!:) (with photoshop, anything's possible... well almost)

    Ann - Hehe... if only it was for real.

    Shana - You're welcome sweetheart:)

    Mariuca - HUGS:) Errr, I'm not great la. (Shy la... hehe) Wished I could award this to more than 5 people tho'

    Cindy - Thanks very much:):):)

  9. Congrats on the award :) Cool newspaper article ... macam superstar la you ... hehehe ... Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks MD:) Superstar? Want my autograph? LOL

  11. Awww, thanks much!! haha, I really thought you were in the news too =D

  12. Hey Sera! You're welcome. Love your blog:)


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