Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crack, Fizzle and Pop!

If you don't see me online at nights the next couple of days means that I've been kidnapped by aliens. Either that or I've ran away with Michael Schumacher (hahaha), like as if that would ever happen... *rolls eyes*

It's my pc at home. It's going to crap out on me. It's already started hanging on me at random hours of usage and the last time something like that happened, I needed to get my hard disk replaced... sighhhh! And things didn't get better. When I called my computer guy and explained the situation, he said it could be either the hard disk, the RAM or the motherboard. Yeah, right, like as if that helps make me feel better. Why not say the whole damn thing is corrupted!

In fact, the PC might just decide to shut down on me right now. OK, maybe I shouldn't have said that, who knows, it just might be listening to me! Seriously though, if it dies on me, I'm probably going to need to get a cash advance loan cos whether it's the hard disk, the RAM or the mother board, one thing that is going to be the common factor is that it's going to cost quite a bit.

Why do things like these happen to me? Especially when it's so close to month's end when you need to squeeze every drop of money you have left until payday. Damn those computer gods, go make someone else's PC go kaput instead of mine. I could do with a little less stress in my life right now.

OK, enough of complaining, I'd better post this now and go get ready for American Idol 8 (the repeat show). I can't wait to see their performances. So, if you don't see much of me at nights means my PC has finally upped and died on me...


  1. I love Danny Gokey!! :) :)

    Anyways, our computer back in KK pun went kaput suddenly and my mom told me that the person said it's the mother board. And sudah mau fix, now hard disk pun rosak lah mau ganti and they letak harga around RM500.

    I think they're just trying to rip us off.

    But hopefully all goes well la with your comp. Harap2 ndak lah sampai macam tu. And it's so frustrating that when you already plan a budget for the month and then this happens, it just really sucks.

  2. My laptop at home pun getting slower and slower. Yeah, should buy the external hard disk already. I think it's time to reformat the laptop. Before that, data back up need to be done first. Sighhhh...

  3. Alamak!!! I hope your pc cepat2 kena repair!! Sunyi sepi blogosphere without ko.. :)

  4. Hi Nessa...wah you´re still very active blogging...shabas!. How do you manage to squeeze your time??? Siok oh kamu. I am getting slower and slower...bukan saja blogging but also visiting other blogs.

    Keep it up!

  5. U should probably backup all ur files into a external first before it crashes. Could be a bug.. sometimes bugs slow the computer down really bad.. it happens..

    i hv a IT guy.. from the office who actually talks to our computers in the office.. sometimes.. when he comes.. all the computers run properly.. minute he steps out.. some of them computers do some funny biz.. hahaha.. its weird!

    hope everything will be fine soon!

  6. Mama Mia ~ Masi lagi betabiat tu PC... kejap2 pandai shut down sendiri. Bikin panas oh!

    Di opis ni... curi2! LOL!

  7. Shemah ~ Atukoiii... RM500??!! Makan rumput la sia kalau sia kana caj RM500! Ish, hisap darah betul orang skarang kan :(

  8. Just ~ Ada PC susah, teda PC laagi susah... *headache*

  9. Kadus Mama ~ Kalau tepaksa, pigi cybercafe pun sia sanggup esp. kalau ada assignment mo expire taim malam! LOL!

    Harap2 inda kaput la. Sia baru seja defrag, so far inda shut down lagi...

  10. Luth ~ Hi Luthieeee!!! Uii, still aktif ni tapi blum sampat visit semua geng2 lagi... hehehe

    Bah, palan2 ko... slow and steady, ka mai dii :D

  11. Anny ~ Yeah, I've backed up most of my files oredi. Ughh! Hate those bugs la :( Kalau boleh spray pakai Ridsect kan bagus... senang keje!

    Oh tell me about it :D The PC macam tau aje kan... very cunning!!

  12. lol, ini mesti lari dgn spiff the spaceman hahaha!

    Hope your pc is ok now! if not, the cash advance sounds good!

  13. Emila ~ Hah! Dat annoying trigger happy deranged Spaceman?? I'd rather give myself to the Zorkian buggers! LOL!

  14. You seems know how to listen to your heart & soul Nessa, watching & following your favourite TV programme is like reading a good book, drinking a cup of nice are there Nessa!

  15. Yoon See ~ I only watch a few, it's just that right now they're all shown on the same week! Oh, I do love reading too... I need new books though.


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