Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello! *waves*

I don't know if I have any readers left for this long forgotten blog of mine. No idea what got into me to even want to update my blog after a long (6 months) hiatus. Probably got an itch on the brain and forced my fingers to type. OK I know, lame attempt. Well, anyway....

As you can see, I am still alive and kicking and running... hehe. I haven't been actively running this year; not that I have lost my mojo. I still love running but these days I'm quite picky with races (also need to be frugal la). There are so many races in Klang Valley especially this month that sometimes I have to resort to doing the 'Eenie, meenie, miney, moe' just to select the races because I just couldn't decide.

The big one is just 12 days from now. Nah, it ain't a marathon... just a half-marathon which is 21 kilometers. You may have heard or read about the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Apparently around 33,000 runners will invade the streets of KL on June 30th so if you're planning to go jalan-jalan that day, please do so after 12.00 noon. Don't say I didn't warn ya. It's going to be utterly jammed. But then again KL is perpetually jammed so it probably doesn't make any difference anyway.

I haven't been training as much as I should because I've been plagued with injury on my left foot after the Newton 25K back in December 2012. It took forever for the foot to heal. Every time I tried to run, it sent a sharp pain on the sole of my foot. But I'm glad to announce that the foot has healed.... yeehaaaa. It has allowed me to run faster than a turtle by 0.5 seconds and I am SO happy! You should have seen how 'fast' I was going before... I could put a sloth to shame.

You may have noticed (or may not) that I am back to using my old Blogger URL address. I decided not to renew my domain this year as I have not been actively blogging. Although it is only US$10.00 to renew yearly but I still find it wasteful.

My kids are all grown up. The youngest is even taller than me now. Just 2 years ago he was just a chubby baby. Gosh, why do they grow up so fast?? :( I can't believe the oldest is already 18 years. I know... that kinda makes me feel like a grandma now. Sometimes I kid around and tell them not to have girlfriends yet cos I am so not ready to be a granny. And they keep saying, 'No mom I will never get married, I will take care of you'. Me: Yeah right... LOL!

OK la, enough ramblings. Thanks for coming and reading my blog. I don't know when I'll write again. Maybe 6 months from now??!! :B


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    1. Hi T.H!! Wah, long time no 'see'. How are you? I'm fine; trying to maintain this blog but oh-so-lazy to write these days. Thanks for dropping by. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. where you stay Nessa? if you in usj or subang jaya.. check this

    1. Hi Sherry! Welcome to Mumblings :) Yeah, Mydin is nearby but I don't go there anymore. Will check out your post later ya. Have a great weekend!

  3. Good morning Nessa! :)

    So nice to see a new post here, 6 months pun 6 months la.. my MPG pun berbulan tak update but it's all good hahahaha...

    Hope your injury heals soon so you can enjoy running again and perhaps hop, skip and jump on a great vakasi with your boys! :)

    1. Good morning Marzie!! :D

      LOL... 6 months 'berhibernasi' gitu... but yeah, it's all good! ;)

      Injury dah ok... can run faster edi, maybe can even catch up Usain Bolt! Bahahaha!

      Oh vakasi... I need $$$$, pronto!!

      Thanks for the visit. Have a great week and selamat berpuasa!

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    1. Hello Cin! First and foremost, here's a great big ((HUG)) for you. So, so truly sorry about Lucky :'(. I pray and hope you are coping well. I wish I have some super magic words to ease your pain but I don't. Lucky was truly a special dog and we are blessed and honoured to be a part of his short stay with us.

      Wah, wah... panjang lebar gia ucapan sia ni. Tapi iya, memang sedih juga ni tapi apa buli buat kan. They say everything happens for a reason. I hope you will feel better soon. Much love kio. God bless!

    2. Hi Nessa! Thank you so much for the comforting words. Yes, the pain and hurt is still there.. and whenever I see things that reminds me of him, I'd cry. Just last week, we were at this Japanese store and I saw a toy similar to the one we got him (which he loved a lot!) and I instantly cried! Gosh... Guess the pain will never go away, just like the memories. Only that I have learned how to control the emotion lah. Sometimes. :P

      And YOU! Cepat come back to the blogging land!! I am slowly coming back sudah ni. *hee*

  5. hai nessa!!me also baru bukan my blog after soooooo long ..... good to hear from u :)

    1. Hai Shana!! Wahhhh.... long taim no hear from you oh. Thanks so much for dropping by kio. Odoi dogo, saya punya aktiviti blogging ni jarang2 suda gia tapi geng2 awal blogging masi sia ingat ba. Good to hear from you too. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family!


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